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How does the fossil record support the theory of continental drift?

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The possibility that mainland float has occurred came up basically in light of the investigation of fossils found from various corners of the earth. Clarification: The word 'fossil' was begotten over 500 years prior, by German researcher Georgius Agricola, however, records portraying fossils are significantly more established. It really implies 'having been burrowed up' in its unique latin frame. In the prechristian period, Greek thinkers examined about fossils, later Leonardo da Vinci contemplated fossils in awesome detail so he is today viewed as Dad of Fossil science. In any case, it was Robert Hooke, creator of Micrographia, who initially understood that fossils are confirmations of past life and that's only the tip of the iceberg: ...on the off chance that the finding of Coines, Decorations, Urnes, and different Landmarks of acclaimed people, or Towns, or Utensils, be conceded for irrefutable Proofs, that such People or things have, in previous occasions had a being, absolutely those Petrifactions might be permitted to be of equivalent Legitimacy and Proof, that there have in the past been such Vegetables or Creatures... what's more, are genuine widespread Characters intelligible to every single levelheaded Man. Before enrolling particular fossils which enable us to hypothesize the points of interest of mainland float that has occurred on earth, let us perceive how the landmasses were masterminded amid Mesozoic period.