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In which stage (growt , maturit , decline) of the life cycle is L’Oréal?

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Answered May 20Biology
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Ben HaywardTutor and business postgrad from University of Cambridge. 1st from Manchester.19 students helped

I used to work for L'Oréal. I can confirm they are in maturity. They have many brands, from consumer (e.g. Garnier) to luxury (e.g. Armani) and a lot in between (e.g. their professional products brands, such as Kerastase and Redken). They're a fantastic marketing, sales and production organisation.

Answered Jul 19Biology
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Nida KhanOnline tutor for Accounting and Finance subjects( Business Management)20 students helped

L'Oréal is definitely in maturity stage as it has already grown and everyone is aware of the brand L'Oréal. Growth stage is when you have just started over and you realise about your competitors ,very few people will know your brand in growth . Since Loreal is a known brand with lots of products it's doing very well and is definitely not in decline stage as decline is when the revenues are no more and you are just investing in exiting which is not the case with L'Oréal. Hope that helps!