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Osteoclasts are packed with lysosomes. Describe how both parts the principle of complementarity applies to this structure/function relationship. Describe lysosomes and osteoclasts and their mechanisms of action. Is osteoclastic scribing pathological?

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Answered Jun 20Biology
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Osteoclast is a type of bone cell that is essential for repair, remodelling and maintenance of the bones. This means these cells need to digest the broken parts of the bones in order to fix them. Lysosome is an organelle in the cells that is very acidic and conta8ns digestive enzymes and its function is to digest the dead cells or parts of the cells which is essential in any cell, especially when the function of that cell is to repair or maintain. Such as in Osteoclasts that need to digest the broken parts of the bone cells in order to repair them. An imbalance in the function of these cells (osteoclastic activity) could cuase diseases.