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Preparation of a banana sample for analytical analysis using flame photometer and ICP-OES. How do I need to prepare a banana sample for both equipments?

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It depends on who you ask but the general principle is to distil the pulp, filter it, add a reagent to get a standard solution Here is one method I found that should work for both: Step 1 - Wash with deionised water and prepare a sample by crushing in a pestle and mortar Step 2 - sample taken. 5g samples are added to cleaned test tubes and 1ml of concentrated sub-boiling distilled nitric acid is added Step 3 - The mixture is heated to 80ºC overnight. The digest is treated with 1ml of 50% hydrogen peroxide, added dropwise and heated at 100ºC for several hours, repeating the process until sample digests are clear Step 4 - Digest is heated overnight at 80ºC and 1ml HCl is added and the digests are heated for 3-4 hours at 80ºC Step 5 - The digest is filtered using ashless filter paper (Whatman No.41 - have also seen Whatman No.1 used) and diluted to a final volume of 15ml and stored in polyethylene bottles until analysed. Method 2 that i've found: Crush with a pestle and mortar in a 1:8 dilution (i.e 4g of banana, 32g of water). 25mL of HCl was then added to a 25mL aliquot of the diluted banana solution for extraction as well (1:16 dilution). The solution was shaken vigorously for ten minutes. The solution was then filtered and diluted (1:62.5)