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What is an example of an animal and their niche for the grassland savannah biome?

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Answered Oct 18Biology
James VardiniI have recently graduated from Imperial College London with an Upper Second Class degree in Biochemistry

Wildebeests are antelopes of Savannah. They follow the rain throughout the year and migrate in large herds. They feed mainly on short grass of East African savannah and are thus strictly grazers. The migratory route of wildebeests across moist grasslands, through a different time of the year, can be seen here:- In Maasai Mara reserve of Kenya, wildebeests live with another herbivore, the rhinoceros. But rhinos are solitary, they never migrate, generally remain within a large territory though they are not strictly territorial, and rhinos are browsers(not grazers) feeding on leaves, shoots, etc. Then there are Maasai giraffes, another herbivore but they are occupying woodlands rather than the grasslands occupied by wildebeests. This is because giraffes feed on the tree top.