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What is the best way to support my 4-year-old with phonics? He’s behind already?

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Answered Nov 18Biology
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Sarah TerrisUCL Graduate in Pharmaceutics with 3 years of tutoring experience

There are a few really useful tips that you can find online, but I had a similar issue when I was younger myself so I've read around phonic developing for a few years. There are a few things that come to mind that I found worked really well: 1. Songs - Kids can recollect not just words but sounds. That's why, for example, a kid who learns Arabic has a level of pronunciation that is very difficult to just 'learn' in adulthood. There are tonnes of amazing resources on YouTube for this! 2. A teacher :) I've worked closely with kids on phonics in different languages. Regular and tailored exposure makes a huge difference to development. Generally, schools can often compromise the personalised aspect of learning simply because there are so many students to cater for. Lastly, though, it's important to remember that children develop differently. Just because he's behind relative to other students, it doesn't mean he's 'behind'. Certain skills can take slightly longer to develop, but that's OK!