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What is the menopause and what changes do you go through?

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The menopause is the period in a woman's life when she undergoes changes in her hormonal balance and is no longer able to have children. It's commonly defined as when you no longer have normal periods for a year and is typically in late 40s/early 50 years of age (every person is different). When a girl is born, she has a fixed amount of eggs and the maturing and decaying of these eggs (as well as the uterus' adaptation to it) is responsible for menstruation. Once this finite number is finished, the body no longer produces estradiol and other sex hormones needed, changes are experienced in the body related to that such as: - hot flushes - irregular vaginal bleeding - night sweats - mood changes As well a lack of energy and some thinning of the bones (as oestradiol is involved in protecting the bones)