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What things can affect the function of an enzyme?

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β€’Temperature β€’pH β€’Substrate and Enzyme concentrations

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Asked by Selina

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How does caffeine keep me awake?

A chemical produced by the brain called adenosine binds to adenosibe receptors in the brain. This binding slows down nerve cell activity causing dro...

Asked by Micheal

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For this sequence of mRNA nucleotides GGUGCUCCUAUU, what happens if a nucleotide is inserted in the ...

All of the codons right of GGU are changed due to frame shift. This means that each codon will code for a different amino acid, effecting the overal...

Asked by Richard

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How does a transgenic plant differ from a hybrid plant?

They are two completely different things. Transgenic plants (or any transgenic organism, as the technology is used on animals too) would have receiv...

Asked by James

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Does heartbeat depend on the brain?

The heart pumps blood to all parts of the body including the brain through arteries. The brain sends electrical signals/impulses to certain parts of...

Asked by Max

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Why was the evolution of a large brain important to human evolution?

This is an absolutely huge question! It would help if you could let us know a little about the aim of your work, or at least the subject & level. As...

Asked by Flora

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What is the best way to support my 4-year-old with phonics? He’s behind already?

There are a few really useful tips that you can find online, but I had a similar issue when I was younger myself so I've read around phonic developi...

Asked by Jeniffer

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Does the hepatic portal system provide the liver with oxygenated blood?

Yes, oxygenated blood and the liver removes certain substances from the blood like glucose when it is converted to glycogen or when blood sugar is l...

Asked by Abby

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Where is auxin stored?

The tip of the stem. The auxins always move to the shaded side of the stem for cell elongation on the shaded side so the plant tilts towards the lig...

Asked by Jeniffer

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Which abiotic/climatic factors may determine vegetation type of an ecosystem?

Temperature, precipitation frequency, storms- wind/ precipitation intensity

Asked by Raphael

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How does the plant use glucose?

The most basic answer to this is to provide energy. Like many living things plants use glucose in a chemical reaction called respiration that uses o...

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