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You are responsible for introducing a new car brand to Dubai, China South Korea, and Japan. This brand wants the following characteristics: Made in USA, Fashionable, Young, Family, High Quality, Green Energy. Choose one country and design a marketing communication strategy that effectively conveys these concepts? I'm not sure how to structure my answer to this question. Can you help?

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Dustin ConnerI'm an undergraduate student at the University of Cambridge studying Human, Social and Political Sciences.

America has one of biggest car showcase second to China. The car organizations there, more often than not are expansive scale makers, (Even Ford creates the new GT in Canada, Viper is going to close shop and perhaps fabricate a plant in Mexico to give the brand a chance to survive if Trump won't win and assemble a damn divider) In the event that you are considering acquiring an American spec auto in Dubai, simply think about specific variables like the atmosphere and the residue issues that could influence your vehicle. The upkeep cost will be higher, you are in an ideal situation alone acquiring the GCC spec vehicle. Along these lines, as we definitely know… .Mass creation = More autos constructed less expensive. At the point when that occurs, the maker can offer the autos less expensive. Approve, now you get a general thought, fairly. A large portion of those autos, as I specified prior, Is American spec. Presently, there is the botched up part… .The other spec (EU, GCC, and so forth.) is totally not quite the same as the American spec. Presently, the maker should deliver the vital segments, Purchase some truth be told, and do a few changes to the vehicle that will cost more than the first "American Spec" auto. Still with me? Truly, I comprehend don't feel offended I am by all accounts clarifying things like as though I would to a kid. Factor all that with the import costs, Taxes, Etc. what's more, you get an auto, somewhat costly than the ones went for the American market. The GCC advertise is constrained, so in this manner why a few autos are costly here contrasted with their American spec autos.