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I feel that a lot of my peers are much more accomplished than me in life. We are all the same age and it’s so demotivating. Any advice?

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Amanda LassuPrimary specialist with the belief that children learn best when having fun!17.5k students helped

it is important to remember that everyone is different; therefore, everyone has different ideas of what they think ‘accomplished’ or ‘successful’ is. try to set your own personal goals which are short term and managable and remain focussed on them and you should start to feel more motivated.

Lee HutchingsI’m passionate about teaching drums and guitar. Looking for beginner students!17.5k students helped

Be your own person and not someone else.

Aaron GareyExcellent maths and english tutor17.5k students helped

you can not measure your own success by other people. it’s your own journey do not base that on other people. You need to celebrate any success you have no matter how small.

Paris LettiNeuroscience PhD student at University College London17.5k students helped

Hi Hana, We can all feel this sometimes in our careers. But remember:
 "A 4 year degree attained after 7 years is still a degree. A graduation at the age of 50 is still a graduation. A Mercedes bought at the age of 65 is still a Mercedes. Don't let people bully you with their timelines of success. You can do it” You can do it.

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