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Looking to get my daughter a laptop for secondary school,does anyone know what operating system I should be looking at?

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Benjamin MansourEnthusiastic tutor by day and UCL medic by night!151 students helped

Hi, Jonathon. Have a couple of options I recommend! 1. Chromebook - on a budget these are unbeatable. They are portable, have good battery life and are good enough for secondary school. They only really run office/google docs for school work, the internet and then streaming apps. Really easy and simple to use. But if she’s interested in using software such as design, video editing, or basically anything other than documents/ office, this won’t work! 2. Microsoft vs Mac. These are the only other real options. I would say perhaps check what the school uses, as a lot of secondary schools use one or the other and would be easier to transfer files etc if she uses the same company. They both have their advantages. Laptops that run Microsoft tend to be better value for money, but Macs are probably easier to use if she is already familiar with apple products, tend to be better built, have good speakers and are generally more portable with good battery lives. Overall really depends on what a) the school use b) what she prefers/ is used to and c) your budget, as macs tend to be far more expensive. Hope this helped!