Calculate the volume of co2 when a tank of petrol(32kg) undergoes complete combustion (1mole of gas occupies 24dm3)?

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Petrol is predominantly made up of octane (written as C8H18) so... The equation for the complete combustion of octane is: 2C8H18 + 25O2 β€”β€”-> 18H20 + 16CO2 2 Octane molecules + 25 oxygen molecules β€”β€”β€”-> 18 water molecules + 16 carbon dioxide molecules. Octane has a relative formula mass of 384 32kg= 32,000g 32,000g / 384 = 83.33 moles of octane There are 8 times as many moles of carbon dioxide as there is octane so... 83.33 x 8 = 666.4 666.4 moles x 24dm3 per mole = 15,999.36 dm3 occupies Answer: 15,999.36 dm3

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