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Asked by Addie

G is a colourless crystalline solid which reacts with dilute nitric acid to give a colourless solution, H, and a colourless, odourless gas, I, which turns limewater milky. G has a lilac flame colour. Identify G, H and I (I’m aware that I is CO2)?

If you know that I is CO2, then you can probably already guess which anion it must have come from it in the reaction with the nitric acid.... All you need to do to identify the cation in the compound G is refer to a flame test table (there's only one that produces a lilac flame). Then you just have to put the cation and anion together to make the compound. As for the solution H that is made when G reacts with nitric acid, it can be worked out once you know what G is, as it's an acid base reaction that produces a certain nitrate salt, H2O and CO2. The nitrate salt is soluble (all nitrate salts are) and so gives the solution its name. Is that enough info without giving the answers straight up? :)

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Tom Maclean

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