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Asked by Muna

How should i revise for chemistry A level? The AS exams are in a few months and i feel like i dont know anything?

Have a look at my revision website: for condensed revision notes (flashcards) and tips how to revise. Good luck!

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Christoph Boes

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That feeling of not knowing anything is the best motivator, if you are always striving to gain knowledge you’d be surprised how much you do know during and after an exam.

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Emem-Julia Samuel Charles

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Good question! The AS-Level exams can be hell at the start, especially chemistry. The way I overcame my AS level chemistry is that I tried to practice on as many past papers as I could find on my spec. I may sound like your teacher saying “do past papers” they really aren’t lying. Chemistry finally hits you and everything comes together when you do past papers. If you want, you can personally text me and I’d be more than happy to provide as much help as you need, topic by topic even!!! Hope this helps!

Mohamed Abdo

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Chemistry may seem hard, but when you put your mind to it, it all comes together with one click. Now what your looking for is that click in the different topics. I would recommend that you do LOADS of past papers from your specification, and also try physics and maths tutor for topic-by-topic past papers. Remember that practice makes perfect. Feel free to contact me for specific questions on chemistry if you need to and I’ll be happy to explain. Good luck! Hope this helps!!

Mohamed Abdo

24.3k students helped

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