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Asked by Suis

What are the similarities between chemical bonds and intermolecular forces?

Intermolecular forces such as London forces, permanent dipole-dipole and H-bonds holds molecules together in liquid or solid. Chemical bonds hold atoms or ions together, and chemical bonds are much stronger than intermolecular forces, i.e chemical bonds require more energy to break compare to intermolecular force. Chemical bonds are the bonds between ATOMS and include Covalent bonds, Ionic bonds and Metallic bonds. They are much stronger than intermolecular forces, meaning that more energy is required to break them. Intermolecular forces are the attractive force between the separate MOLECULES. They include dipole-dipole, London forces and Hydrogen bonds. Imagine a bowl of marbles. The marbles are made of strong glass and we can’t crush them with our hands - these are the chemical bonds However you can dip your hand into the bowl and move the marbles around with much more ease - picture these as intermolecular forces. Thus, a similarity of chemical bonds and intermolecular forces is that they both contribute to the structure of a molecule

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