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What are the typical lecture hours when studying computer science at university?

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Answered Jan 18Computer Science
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Imdad AhadCofounder & CTO @ Scoodle

I studied Computer Science at King’s College London so my answer may be different for students who studied elsewhere. In saying that, a fair few of my friends studied CS elsewhere and it seems to be more or less the same. Lectures for me were two hours each and that stayed the same every year. We had tutorials too which you can think of as mini-classroom sessions on a topic with a smaller group of students taught by a TA (teaching assistant). These typically last an hour and can be spread out over the week. As an example, my Logic & Applications lecture would take place on a Monday afternoon and then the tutorial would be on a Friday morning. In other cases the tutorial would be right after a lecture, so non-stop for three hours which wasn’t great.

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