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What is the best weekend ‘coding club’ for 7 / 8 year old children in London?

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Answered Dec 18Computer Science
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Felicia JonesI am an experienced tutor, having taught over 25 students, ranging from ages 11-18 in a number of subjects.

It’s very difficult to answer without knowing exactly where you’re based. But, my view (regardless of location) is no coding club. The idea of building of building something with your son or daughter is amazing. It’s even cooler now that you can “build” anything. My personal advice, and this is what I did with my nieces, is to work on a project together at home. I know that as 8 year old, self-learning can be a little tricky. That’s why I’d recommend having a parent lean with the kid can be so useful. I know others may disagree, so I’m happy to see what clubs they recommend!

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