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What work experience can you get in computer science in year 12-13?

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Sajeel QureshiSkilled tutor and undergraduate at University of Liverpool17.5k students helped

This really is depended t on what language/s you know and what level ur at. Working on something like an app for Android using android studio and java or an iOS app using swift are nice cause you can work at your own pace and can be quite fun and your app is proof of your ability. You can then show potential future employers what you’ve made as to show you have the skill needed to work there

Fares AlaboudComputer science university teaching assistant. Taught 200+ students so far 🎓17.5k students helped

I'll be very honest here: usually not much, but it really depends on your experience. The most and best you can get is a part time role, as you are still studying and need to manage your studies. Remember, at year 12-13 you still have your life ahead of you so trust me when I say do not rush to find yourself a job. In fact, this may the best time for you to up skill yourself. Go on udemy.com, find super affordable courses in technologies you want to learn and pick those skills up. Use them to build small projects as well to build a portfolio. By the time you get into uni, you'll be skilled enough to immediately pick up a part time job since you'll be experienced and you'll have a set of skills you're good at and you'll have proof of it. You can probably take on minor projects for friends and family though to start with! You can build simple static websites, for example. If you would like to know where to start, or if you'd like guidance along the way, feel free to reach out to me.

Ciara Daniels3+ years teaching Maths17.5k students helped

I'm pretty sure Scoodle do work experience. My younger brother did something with them. It's worth asking!

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