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Which programming language should I learn first as a beginner?

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Sajeel Qureshi

Skilled tutor and undergraduate at University of Liverpool

I would always learning java first as it’s an object oriented language and it’s not too difficult to learn like some languages and not as simple as others(python) that it doesn’t help when learning other languages. I learnt python first and when it came to learning other languages found it difficult. But as son as I learnt Java I felt I could grasp other languages much easier

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Sliman Ouakka

Civil Engineering PhD student

Any programming language will help you with the others. However, if you are a beginner and you do not have any specific project for now I would suggest you C++, even if is not the easiest it will give you a general view of the programming world. Whereas, if you have something specific you should look to what you want achieve and decide in consequence!

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Imelda Pitt

Could you be a fantastic reader like Matilda? I can set you on the right road.

I have learned a few languages and Italian was very easy to pronounce and has a lot of similarities to English

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Bogdan Ionut Gheorghe

I am not your usual programmer.😋😂

From my own experience is great to start with python as a beginner. It makes it easier for an entry level programmer to develop the essential skills that they will need in their future projects.

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Jordan Field

Learning CS through deep explanation and putting things in a real-world context.

I disagree with the current answer. Learning C as a first language would not be the best way to go. Don’t get me wrong, C is a great language, but It requires the programmer to deal with some advanced techniques (manual memory management, pointers etc.) from the beginning, instead of being eased in to these areas. As an example, there is no string type in C. Strings have to be built using pointers and arrays of char types. I would suggest Java or Python as a first language. Both are widely used, beginner-friendly languages with loads of great tutorial resources. But there is no “right” answer for this question. The most important thing to do is just pick one and give it a go. (If you want easy set-up, macs have a built-in version of python preinstalled, simply open the Terminal app and type “python” to start the python shell.)

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Paris Letti

Neuroscience PhD student at University College London

Most programmer starts with C, C++ and then move up to Java, phyton and others.. You might also want to look into Oracle and Microsoft Database programmes.

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