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Asked by AJZ

I do A Level Economics and I need to get better at sticking within an examined time limit to answer larger marked questions but I struggle (I also struggle with writing fast in general), with lots of marks missing. Any tips to fix this?

Hi Ajmal, I studied A level Economics a few years ago now but what helped me achieve a good grade and score maximum marks in the bigger questions was the following: 1. Lots of past paper practice questions under timed exam conditions: this will help you develop a routine and get a feel for the speed with which you need to write at 2. Do not begin writing straight away, spend 2-4 minutes on developing a rough plan which may include main points, evaluation, structure of your answer etc. This will stop you from waffle and save time in the long-run as your answer will be much more concise. 3. Ask for feedback from your peers and teachers about what you have done well and how you can improve. You maybe suprised about the insights that you could be provided with which could aid you in your exam Hope this helps!

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Mohammed Garasia

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