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Where should I buy real estate for great return?

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Answered Dec 18Economics
Sarah TerrisUCL Graduate in Pharmaceutics with 3 years of tutoring experience

I think if anyone knew the answer for certain, they'd be pretty rich by now ;) Having said that, it's always worth noting that with greater returns - generally - comes greater risk. But that's just the nature of business. You can approach this in two different ways: 1. Where can I get the greatest return in the next 5-10 years by selling the property. 2. Where can I get the greatest return by renting - or to be specific - short term rent. Specifically, I mean airbnb. Here me out on this, because it's a way to really mitigate your risk: 1. Locate a major city just us Nairobi, Dublin, Lisbon or London 2. Find a property that's near major ammenities. 3. Upload the pictures of that property onto your own airbnb account and make sure you turn off 'instant book'. 4. Gage the demand that you get over a 30 day period. I did this myself with properties in both Ireland and the UK, and the findings were amazing. I was able to triple my expected rent income, by simply optimising for Airbnb :)