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Can you get a job at a technology company, such as google, without an engineering degree?

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Answered Jan 18Engineering
Mujavid BukhariCoding teacher, previously Software Engineer at Google and studied CS at UCL139 students helped

At Google, and other tech companies I’ve worked at, I met software engineers (SWEs) with backgrounds from physics and maths all way to drama and French That being said, most software engineers had degrees in computer science (CS). If you want to work as a SWE, you don’t need a degree in CS. However, there are a lot of CS fundamentals that you will need to know to get a job as a SWE. So there’s a lot of self-learning involved, if you want to work as a SWE at a tech company like Google. It’s worth noting that there are still companies who will require the degree (mostly old fashioned companies). Let me know if you want any more advice on this :)