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Are there any lawyers/law students that may be able to share their opinion on these questions for a project? 1. What do you know about the Grenfell Tower disaster? 2. From a lawyers point of view, is there any chance that people could be held accountable for what occurred? 3. Would you consider the disaster a human rights issue? Why? 4. Was what occurred just an unavoidable accident?

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Abubakr Karimabadi

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1. I know about the tragedy of Grenfell Tower as much as any person who follows the news. If you are not aware of the facts, you can easily find out by Googling ‘What exactly happened at Grenfell Tower?’ This will give you a breakdown of the tragedy insofar as we understand it at this point in time. We can’t know for sure as an investigation is in process. 2. From a legal perspective, the main parties being held responsible are the local council, the housing association and the building contractors. It’s a little complicated as it requires determining who was responsible for what and its connection to the actual fire and the spreading of it. Nonetheless, corporate manslaughter is the most severe charge being brought forward against the parties. 3. This is a criminal and civil case (with respect to monetary damages). Ethically speaking, it is a human right of ours to be safe from such a disaster which is why we have such strong laws in place to protect us and severe consequences when we are failed. This is why it is not a human rights case because our right as human beings to be safe and protected is enshrined in law. 4. The fact that there were basic failures in health and safety measures with respect to the internal and external structure of the building means that the fire was definitely containable which then of-course makes the tragedy itself completely avoidable. 5. I think you should explore the legal, social and political ramifications of the tragedy on not only the residents and community in that area, but on society as a whole - if your project allows (it’ll certainly score you points). I can’t give you a fully detailed response to your question here, for obvious reasons, but I hope I’ve given you enough of a direction and enough ideas to help build your project. I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating even if at times it’ll be sad and even infuriating. All the best :)

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