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Can someone help me with the essay about (of mice and men) curleys fist???

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When Curley's hand is crushed, he essentially becomes handicapped and this puts him in a similar position to Lennie, who is mentally handicapped. The worth of a ranch 'hand' is gauged/valued on his ability to work. With a crushed hand, Curley's value in terms of labour and economy diminishes. This says something about the harshness of ranch life and the devaluation of human life when it is gauged primarily on labour value. But also, individually, the loss of the use of his hand (even if temporary) must add to Curley's insecurity and low self-esteem. The connection is with Candy who, being old and having lost a hand, fears the day when he will no longer be useful. The crushing of the hand increases Curley's anxiety and anger towards Lennie which makes him all the more determined to get Lennie when he kills his wife.