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Can you use a colon before a list of questions? For example, "A few questions that may come up are: how can. . ." Is that correct? Should the first question be capitalized (after the colon)?

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Yes you can and no you don’t have to capitalise the question as a colon connects two sentences, because it’s not a new sentence you don’t need to use a capital letter. However you can choose to capitalise the question, both are actually correct.

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Asked by Abbie

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What is a success criteria for gcse aqa English language questions 3 and 4 paper 2?

It generally depends on what you mean by 'success'. Depending on the grades that you're after, you may be required to show more depth and discussion...

Asked by Ella

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What is Shakespeare's most famous play?

I’d say the most well-known and popular plays are: Romeo & Juliet Hamlet Macbeth Probably in that order. Hope that helps! ...

Asked by Micheal

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Which of the following is an idiom?

Hello again Micheal. There’s no ‘following’ in your question, but an example of an idiom is ‘over the moon.’ It is clearly not meant literally but i...

Asked by Richard

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Which word is the relative pronoun in the sentence? "The song that was just played is my favorite on...

The five relative pronouns are: who, whom, whose, which and that. So the relative pronoun is ‘that.’

Asked by Bareen

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What is whitgift?

It's a small village near the river Trent in Yorkshire!

Asked by Amelia

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How do I compare peoms ?

A mistake that people often make is that they see a metaphor in one poem and a metaphor in the other and compare those together because they’re the ...

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How can I practice English Language/Literature?

Working with a tutor would be the best thing to do, ideally one qualified as a teacher that has taught English language and literature and is famili...

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What makes "Great Expectations," the novel, a bildungsroman?

A Bildungsroman is a story that follows the main character through their life from childhood to adulthood. Great expectations depicts the personal g...

Asked by Sarah

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Some grammar problems?

Sorry is this a question asking for help with your grammar? I’m more than happy to help if so. 😀

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How can I get a good grade in English language?

There are a few key skills to master that I would teach in detail if I were your tutor. 1. Know the timings of each question. 2. Understand how to w...

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