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Create Your Own "Dialogue" rhymes From Romeo And Juliet ? *AN EXAMPLE OF YOUR OWN RYHME*?

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Answered Oct 18English
Paris LettiNeuroscience PhD student at University College London

I'd like to call this poem "Bob" There once was a man named Bob, he was bored so he decided to get a job, while trying to get a job, he saw a mob, eating corn on a cob, them eating made him want to sob, not having food made him throb, but yet he stayed strong and tried not to look like a slob, poor, poor, poor Bob. Bob also had a friend named Rob, Luckily, Bob spotted Rob in the mob, Rob looked like he wanted to sob, So Bob asked, "What's wrong, Rob?" Rob replied saying, " I tried playing tennis, but I can't lob" Bob responded saying, "It's ok, Rob, I can't seem to get a job" Rob said that all Bob had to do to get a job, was not look like a slob, "Thanks", said Bob to his best friend Rob.