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For english I’m writing a speech to deliver to my classmates about body image. Should I say male and female opposed to guy and girl or is that too formal?

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Answered Jun 20English
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Claudia BesantFirst-Class English Literature Graduate from University of East Anglia.20 students helped

It depends on your audience, but I think ‘men/man/boy’ and ‘women/woman/girl’ is a good in-between ~ not too formal, not too casual. I always think using ‘male’ and ‘female’ sounds more like you are in a biology class!😊

Answered Dec 19English
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Liam FlinInnovative English & Languages tutor in Guildford26 students helped

As this is an assignment for class I would suggest using ‘male’ and ‘female’ - these terms are used pretty frequently and should not be considered too formal.

Answered Nov 18English
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Noor ElkafrawyI’m passionate about teaching Maths!25 students helped

With classmates they will be the same age as you so in this instance you can be a bit informal with your language to fit the target audience and keep them engaged. So boys and girls should be fine, however if you’re talking to a group of teachers or mixed ages you will need to be a bit more formal with they way you address the audience