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How do you write an essay in a short period of time and include the right amount of detail?

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Answered Aug 20English
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Samantha SweeneySkilled tutor and classroom teacher! MA and PGDE from UoG 🌟11 students helped

Hi! The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to practice under timed conditions. If you know how long you’ll be given to write the essay then set yourself a timer and gradually reduce the time you have each time you attempt to write your essay. Practice really does make perfect so my solution would be to make a mind map (spider diagram) or list of the key points or factors that you must include and write down any key words, statistics, quotes or facts that you don’t want to forget when you’re planning your essay. Use this plan to help you whilst you write your drafts and as you keep doing this eventually you’ll be able to complete your essay under the timed conditions and potentially without your help sheet! It always feels very daunting when doing this but the more revisions you do on the topic, the more naturally the information will spill onto the page. All you need to do is organise this information and a plan will help with that. When it comes to writing fast - keep practicing and reduce the time you’re giving yourself each time until you can do it within the time specified. Hope this helps! Samantha :)