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How should i motivate myself to revise and keep on top of my notes? And in particular, how should i revise for English liteeature A level? Thanks?

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Answered Feb 18English
Mohamed AbdoAspiring individual, currently studying to get into medicine, here to help out!30 students helped

To answer your first question, try this technique, which has psychologically been proven effective for revision. It’s known as the 10minute rule where you tell yourself to only conduct 10 minutes of work and give up after that if you want. This in turn tricks your brain into getting started (which is probably the hardest part). After those 10 minutes are up, you’re more inclined to do more as you’ve already got started. Also try having your equipment well arranged so revision becomes more appealing for you. Furthermore, make the activities fun, try to not just read off the textbook but explore different techniques for revision to see your favoured style. And as for English A levels, I would personally suggest working on at least 1 essay a week, but two would be optimal. Hope this helps!