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If I was to write a diary entry as clover from an animal farm at the start (first few chapters) how would I write it? As in, what would I write about? What major experiences are there? How is she presented?

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Clover is Boxer's sidekick, a "stout nurturing female horse moving toward center life, who had never entirely recovered her figure after her fourth foal" (1.3). Ouch. That was way brutal, Orwell. Like Boxer, she's steadfast and solid—the XX rendition of Boxer's cliché laborer fella. (Look at Boxer's "Character Analysis" to peruse our contemplations on Boxer as an image for the Russian common laborers.) Yet Clover is a small piece more astute than Boxer. (Could Orwell making a general remark about sexual orientation? Well.) At the point when the pigs start dozing in beds, she feels that she recollects a run against creatures resting in beds. Since Clover can't read, Muriel the goat peruses her the precept, "No creature may rest in a bed with sheets" (6.13). However, Clover is in reality right—the rule said that creatures couldn't rest in beds. It was adjusted to "a bed with sheets" later. The issue is that Clover isn't prepared to battle back against the pigs. Look at this key minute after Napoleon starts executing different creatures: As Clover looked down the slope her eyes loaded up with tears. On the off chance that she could have talked her considerations, it would have been to state this was not what they had gone for when they had set themselves years prior to work for the topple of humankind. These scenes of fear and butcher were not what they had anticipated on that night when old Real initially blended them to defiance. (7.30) The key expression is, "If she could have talked her thoughts." However, she can't. She can't read, and she's not very great at utilizing her words. Her musings are fluffy; her dialect is more terrible. Clover may detect the bad faith, however without the dialect to express it, she must choose the option to oblige the pigs—and watch Boxer be sent off to the taste factor. Poor Clover.