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Tips on an English Lit paper, find the similarities and differences in these two passages. Eg: Newspaper article of a rich pet owner and diary of a poor pet owner?

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Naveera KiranI am a proactive and passionate teacher who love to shape young minds.17.5k students helped

First of all explore the language features of the two writung forms. An article and diary writing are similar on some levels as you use informal language in both. You use colloquialism and a reader friendly style. Then both will be full of qualities of their dogs as rich Now come to the differences: Article will have captions or subheadings and somewhat rich in its lexical structure.

Fozia YaminPassionate about progress17.5k students helped

There must be a key word/phrase in the answer that can help clarify your ideas further. I would suggest reading the extracts again and making inferences about the question if there is nothing to explicitly go on. I tend to use a Venn diagram to help organise my pupils thoughts on this comparison questions too. Start off slow and then you can work on your timing.

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