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What are some theories and principles of assessment and feedback in schools?

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Assessments are tests that we are all familiar with as they allow teachers and students alike to communicate academic progress. Some forms of these assessments include verbal questioning, group discussion, peer assessment, extended writing and interactive quizzes. There are many types of assessment that teachers use in regular practice which can be loosely categorized as formal and informal. Formal assessments are those that are discrete and planned in advance. These might include standardized tests, end of unit tests, purchased assessments or explicitly designed portfolio tasks. Informal assessments happen in the classroom every day, as teachers review students' work, ask questions or observe students in action. This can help to develop soft skills and make learning more holistic and realistic/practical. An example of this is the science ISA which was a popular form of in class assessed work under exam conditions but still informal. Formative assessment is ongoing and informs a teacher's understanding of student progress; students' knowledge and skills are tested against some kind of standardized benchmark.

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