Why is a raven like a writing desk?

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Louise Creechan

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Good one...but Carroll did answer his โ€˜unanswerable riddleโ€™. Apparently, "Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is never put with the wrong end in front!". Carroll originally spelt never with an a - โ€˜nevarโ€™ - but his publisher corrected him so it no longer spelt โ€˜ravenโ€™ backwards. Hilarious...

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Felicia Jones

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All things considered, actually this puzzle has numerous answers. Individuals have had a considerable measure of time to brainstorm something cunning. It previously showed up in Alice\'s Experiences in Wonderland, a broadly unpleasant children\'s book which Lewis Carroll wrote in 1865. Alice nods off one day, pursues a white rabbit down a rabbit gap, and winds up in a universe of insane rationale which Carroll dependent on what he considered the strange rationale that was heaped up in his picked field of science. Apparently, the craziest characters are the Frantic Hatter and the Walk Rabbit. Alice winds up at a casual get-together with them, and the Frantic Hatter asks her the inquiry, "Why is a raven like a composition desk?\" Alice asks him for what reason, and he concedes he doesn\'t know. He was simply inquiring. Alice criticizes him with, \"I figure you may improve the time than squandering it in asking questions that have no answers.\" ha! Take that you upstart science punks! Land a position! The unanswered enigma, which numerous individuals were presented to in their developmental years, got under people\'s skin. In their endeavor to satisfactorily remove it, they\'ve thought of answers. A wonderful, however, meta, the answer is, \"Poe composed on both,\" given by riddle lover Sam Lloyd. More in the soul of the hogwash type, Aldous Huxley wandered, \"Because there is a \'b\' in both and a \'n\' in neither.\" Delightfully strange. The unanswerable question has been replied, however, and has been responded in due order regarding numerous years. Lewis Carroll himself composed the appropriate response, subsequent to being harassed by individuals relentless since the book\'s unique distribution. He said that, in the first book, there was no answer. To end the torment of interminable curious fan letters, however, he felt free to brainstormed a satisfactory reaction that he put in the prelude to later versions. Carroll\'s response to why a raven resembles a composition work area? \"Because it can deliver a couple of notes, tho they are level; and it is never put with the wrong end in front!\" I\'m beyond any doubt your thighs are presently sore from the continued slapping they took after you read that line. Initially, it should be somewhat more clever than that. Carroll spelled \'never,\' as \'nevar\' โ€” \'raven\' spelled in reverse โ€” yet an editor deleted the modified play on words before it was distributed. Carroll\'s answer was less mainstream than his inquiry. Individuals have held on in thinking of their own responses to the vigorously considered enigma. I\'ll take my own shot at it. "Why is a raven like a composition work area? Since nor is ever drawn nearer without caws." Eh? Eh??

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Da Wa

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LEWIS CARROLL himself proposed an answer on it saying, โ€Because it can produce a few notes, though they are very flat; and it is never put with the wrong end in front!"

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