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Why should I read more?

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Husain MukadamMake Learning Fun Again! MSc | BSc | 4yrs+ exp. | DBS Certified✔️17.5k students helped

Good answer above. I can expand on the second point about knowledge. Why do you need to expand your knowledge? What's the point? The point of knowledge is to aid you in making the best decisions throughout your life. What will happen if you do thing A rather than B? If you want to achieve thing C, what do you do? How do you avoid failing at thing D? So then what is 'reading' books really all about? Books represent the facts or viewpoints according to the author who is not physically present. This author has had life experiences that you may not have. In this way, by reading, you are learning about their experiences - how did they achieve X. Or how did they think about Y. If we go back to the 'point of knowledge' - if you want to also achieve X, what decisions should you make? So this raises further questions about what you should read - what do you want to achieve? Who has already achieved it, and written a book? What did they experience, what challenges did they overcome, and how? So if you learn this, effectively, you're saving yourself the hassle of needing the experience before you learn what to do. In this way knowledge (& therefore reading) is a shortcut.

Dumebi Anike-NwezeTeaching and learning through relatability17.5k students helped

Reading is good for you for a number of reasons, but I will specify three. Improved vocabulary:- reading is super useful for improving your vocabulary. It helps you know and understand the meanings of very complex and simple words, and more importantly, the contexts in which they could be used. Expands your knowledge:- you simply get to learn more about a wide variety of things. Even in fiction writing, it expands your imagination and allows you to see the world in a different light; which in turn helps you develop creativity. Improves your writing:- by reading, you’re able to take notice of different writing styles, even if you don’t realise it. This means that when you are writing yourself, you brain compares these various styles and tones you had previously encountered and channel them your present situation. That way, you know what writing style is best for the genre you’re thinking about!

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