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You are Amrita you went on an excursion to Jurassic Park with your school friends .write a diary entry in 150 words describing your experience?

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Abubakr Karimabadi Barrister, Hafidh, Teacher17.5k students helped

It’s best not to describe the dinosaurs as It becomes overly factual, unoriginal, and most people will think of the films anyway. I would recommend writing a short incident where you were almost hurt: 1. Where it happened? 2. Which dinosaur did it concern? 3. What happened? 4. How you felt? 5. How you got away? If you write it as an intense, short story, it’ll work. The thriller element to it is actually what made the films successful. Whatever you write, I’m sure you can write a better story concerning the Park than the writers did for Jurassic World. Good luck!

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