Asked by PaulFrench 🇫🇷

Is there anything that I can use to help me practice my french accent?

Capucine Pochon

I love to teach to help others :)

The best way to improve your accent is by listening to the langauge being spoken. You could do that by watching youtubers like Cyprien or Norman with the captions or by watching tv series (if you want a good comedy series I can recommend Fait Pas Si Fait Pas Ça). You can also watch your favourite tv series but in French (on streaming websites like Netflix it is very easy to change the language and a lot of series are available in French). When I started learning English I watched a lot of American youtubers and tv series which is why I actually picked up an American accent even though I live in the UK. That’s how I know this really works!


Alex Annani

Native french speaker/Graduated from fine-art school/Programming IT Student

Tv-shows and videos on youtube are the best to pick-up the accent. I’d say a great thing to do would be to watch some shows and then find a book of your liking written in French. You can read the book out loud and try to pronounce the words as you heard them in your watching sessions

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