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What is the best way to study the film ‘La Haine’ other than through character analysis?

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Answered Jul 19French
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Chloe Keenan-WilsonExperienced tutor studying maths at university!172 students helped

You should also look at and analyse the film techniques used and what they could represent, as well as the key themes such as the banlieue, social exclusion and the how the boys are treated by both the police and people who live outside the banlieue. I am in the process of uploading my resources for La Haine, so stay tuned for more information.

Answered Feb 18French
Soaad PatelI enjoy teaching students and helping them to realise and reach their potential.4 students helped

You could have a look at the key themes, including immigration, racism, life in 'les banlieues', resistance through the different uses of language, the role of the police and institutionalised racism in France, gender, social exclusion, the Americanisation of French culture and language and the effectiveness of the vintage black and white effect. Additionally, you could also critically analyse whether the film is realistic and whether it paints an accurate picture of modern day France (more so because the film was produced in 1995 in a climate where riots in the banlieues were rife). Finally, it may be a good idea to analyse the key scenes and keep a note of the main quotes and evidences you could use to support your arguments for essay writing. I hope that helps!