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Any tips how to get over being squeamish/ fainting of blood?

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Ali Rajani£1/hour - No catch | KCL Medic | Evidence based coaching. 114 students helped

Appreciate that blood is just like any other bodily fluid - An accumulation of water, protein and fats. You most likely fear it only because you picture blood in the context of life threatening or infectious situations, both of which can bring unease. Try to understand where your feelings of unease may come from. If you can get work as a healthcare assistant, you can begin taking blood on a regular basis. Or if you work in the hospital you can see bags of IV fluid. Expose yourself as best as you can. Perhaps if your family is to cook lamb next time at home, wash the meat yourself and familiarise how normal and harmless blood really is!

Answered Jun 20General
Jacob Williams2 students helped

Honestly, the best approach is to face your fears head on. Try to get comfortable with blood by making it a part of your daily routine. For instance, you could put some on your cornflakes instead of milk, or take a shower using it. Just make sure you source your blood in a legal and safe way, and that you check it for infections.

Answered Apr 19General
Savanna FomenkyI love learning and helping others achieve their potential and learn too.98 students helped

With being squeamish sometimes exposure therapy is good for getting over negative feelings associated with something. For example you could watch videos (try to make sure they’re not too gory). Another thing you could do is try to figure out why you feel like that around blood and work through that. If you have more questions feel free to message me