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Arguments for and against going to prison?

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Arguments for reform the prisoner will hopefully realise the consequences of the crime committed and the wrongdoings and sufferings of not only victims but the affect on families also Some people cannot cope in real life. Prison can be a coping tool or a source of comfort eg.offenders who keep reoffending because they cannot get a job with a past criminal record There are avenues of support in prison eg. Counsellors prison guards governors who manage day to day goings on , chaplains , guest visitors etc... there is also the element of protection they are safe like staying in a hotel .there are people on hand and a sense of routine which they may need . Courses - are available in cookery creative , writing etc.. basketball fields / outdoor areas Arguments against : Some people are giving harsh sentences and are locked up with people who have done far worse so this behaviour can influence them ina. More negative way . Prison encourages violent personalities and creates a gang mentality Lots of drug smuggling and selling exists within prison .