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How do you complete the square?

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This is a harder topic so it might be best to book a session with a tutor even just half an hour and you should be able to really get the hang of it. I’m available for sessions if you’re interested? However here is an explanation: For example xΒ²+4x+6=0 To complete the square you take x + half of the coefficient of x,so 2 in this case, and put them in a bracket and square it. (X+2)Β² which means (X+2)(X+2) Expand this and see what you have to do to it to get xΒ²+4x+6=0 xΒ²+4x+4 is the expanded form so you need to add two to get to xΒ²+4x+6=0 (X+2)Β² +2 = 0 is the completed square

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State one other way inhaled and exhaled air differ apart from in this gas compostion?

Aside from gas composition, exhaled air is at a higher temperature than inhaled air as a result of being warmed by the body. ...

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What is the best way to learn cohort analysis?

Go with the below-

Asked by Duafatema

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The coefficient of x in the binomial expansion of (2-4x) ^q , where q is a positive integer, is -32q...

(2-4x)^q = 2^q (1-2x)^q Binomial expansion (1+x)^n = (1+nx+......etc.) So above becomes 2^q (1 -2qx+...) Coefficient of x is -2^(q+1)q = -32q Then (...

Asked by Caitlin Grace

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How do you solve the simultaneous equations xsquared + ysquared =9 and x+y=2?

The squared equation is a circle who’s centre is the origin and radius 3 units. The linear equation is a straight line of Y=-x + 2 Solo of -1 and cr...

Asked by Caitlin Grace

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How do you solve the simultaneous equations? xsquared + ysquared =9 and x+y=2?

X^2+y^2=9 Equation A X+y=2 Equation B Make y subject of Equation B Y=2-x Therefore y^2=(2-x)^2 Substitute y^2 for (2-x)^2 in Equation A Therefore: X...

Asked by Fatma

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Where and how does pH affect carbohydrases?

Carbohydrases are enzymes that break down carbohydrates into smaller sugar molecules. They are usually made in the the pancreas and released into th...

Asked by Abdirahman

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Where is alaska?

Alaska is a country in the continent of north america bordered by the USA to the south of the border. ...

Asked by Tasnim

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What authorities to apply for individual not registered on the freehold title and proprietorship reg...

I’m wondering as to why this question is repeated so many times !

Asked by Blessing

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Gas exchange takes place inside the alveoil of your lungs explain how the presence of alveoli result...

The alveoli are the sites of gas exchanges. This means that the gases oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged (or swapped). Oxygen is breathed in fr...

Asked by Milan

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Whats a GyroSphere?

It is a device used for measuring or maintaining orientation and angular velocity. It is a spinning wheel or disc in which the axis of rotation is f...

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