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How do you solve the simultaneous equations xsquared + ysquared =9 and x+y=2?

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The squared equation is a circle who’s centre is the origin and radius 3 units. The linear equation is a straight line of Y=-x + 2 Solo of -1 and crossing y axis at 2 and so crossing the x axis at 2 also. It would help you understand the question if you sketch it. Solving it you substitute the linear equation for y into the circle equation X^2 + (2-x)^2 =9 So X^2+4-4x + x^2 =9 Giving 2x^2 -4x - 5 =0 Use solution of quadratic equation X= ((4/4)+or - (Root(16+40))/4) X= 2.87 or -0.87

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Are you meant to factorise ? 2 times 3=6 7x=6x+x Rewrite : the 2x^2+6x+x+3 Factorise: 2x(x+3)+(x+3) Factorise again(x+3)(2x+1)...

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