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I am doing a math q. on derivatives and I need to know what happens when the power beside 2x is 1, do I just leave it or does it change the x to something else?

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If you have 2x to the power of one then when you differentiate the power goes down one. 2x to the power of 0 is just 2 so the x disappears

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Asked by Hannah

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I have a balance sheet and have to work out the gross profit for the shops year but struggling with ...

Yes, my husband can help. Heโ€™s an accountant. Please inbox for details.

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How does golding present the darkness in mans heart. In lord of the Flies?

To โ€œexplore the darkness of manโ€™s heartโ€ is one of the key themes in William Goldingโ€™s novel Lord of the Flies. As the boys on the island regress fr...

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Hi everyone , my current score from ielts overall 5.5 and i need 7.0 , how can I improve in 2 month ...

I would suggest you use an IELTS textbook as it provides the CD for listening and answers for references. Practice reading passages using a timer - ...

Asked by David

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How can i study best for math?

In general the best way to study or improve in maths is through completing practice questions/ problems or past paper questions. You should identify...

Asked by Emily

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What symbolises repetition as I am doing an art thing and it needs to be something that keeps repeat...

itโ€™s the symbol of the infinite which is like an 8 but laying horizontally, that is โˆž

Asked by Sophia

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Apps to help with ks3 french?

i find duolingo the best possible app to learn a foreign language.

Asked by Chloe

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What is the population of Lagos, Nigeria?

Google is your friend for this kind of question, and faster than using an app I might add!

Asked by Sophia

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What is pathetic fallacy?

It is a literary device in which the author attributes human traits and emotions to in-animate objects or nature. For example, somber clouded, smili...

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Iโ€™m doing a quadrant chart note analysis on the poem โ€œbefore you were mineโ€ by Ann Duffy, What four ...

For quadrant chart notes you can spilt it up into mother's possessiveness, platonic relationship between mother and daughter, usage of present tense...

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