In a class there are 10 students who play football and cricket, 7 students who do not play football or cricket , 14 students who play football and 21 students who play cricket . Find a probability that the student plays football and cricket?

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Draw a Ven diagram ie a rectangle with 2 circles one for F and the other for C the intersection overlap will have the 10 who play both outside the circles but within the rectangle the 7 who play neither so then fill the rest of F with 4 to give a total of 14 and 11 for the C to total 21. When you add all the numbers youโ€™ll get the class total of 32. Then the % who play both F and C is = (10/32)*100 = 31.25% Sorry if I drew a Ven Diagram it would have been easier but not possible here !

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