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Is it difficult to get a job at a tech startup in London?

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Xavier Roberts-GaalOxford University psychology and philosophy and top-3 debater2 students helped

It’s not that difficult if you’re targeted and systematic in your approach! Start by identifying your ideal role. Look for job descriptions that are a good fit with your skillset — whether that’s in development, sales or marketing, product management, or another role. Then, scope out some companies and begin networking! Read startup news sites like TechCrunch and check out listing sites like AngelList. If a particular industry or vertical excites you, immerse yourself in news specific to that focus. Once you’ve found some companies that seem interesting, connect with their employees via LinkedIn! Ask for a quick informational interview, and come prepared with a few questions to boost your knowledge of the company. After networking, you should get a better sense of what jobs are available, and what the success criteria for those jobs are. Then, you can begin to position yourself for applications and interviews. Tailor your CV and write a killer cover letter. Prep for job-specific and general behavioural questions. And don’t get discouraged — job applications are a numbers game! Best of luck!