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Three people win a prize of $x, if it is divided so that the first person gets half as much money as second person and the third person gets three times as much as the second person, how much will each receive?

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Fares AlaboudComputer science university teaching assistant. Taught 200+ students so far 🎓

The prize is $ x. The first person (Alex) gets half of what the second person (Beatrice) gets. Let's assume Alex gets $ P. Beatrice gets double what Alex gets. So, Beatrice gets $ 2P. The third person (Charlie) gets twice as much as the second person (Beatrice). If Beatrice gets $ 2P, then Charlie gets $ 2P x 3 (which is equal to $ 6P). Summary: Alex: P Beatrice: 2P Charlie: 6P x = P + 2P + 6P x = 9P So, in conclusion: Alex gets one ninth of the prize. (x/9) Beatrice gets two ninths of the prize. (2x/9) Charlie gets six ninths of the prize. (6x/9 = 2x/3)