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What energy store is decreasing while the candle is burning?

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The fuel for burning is the wax which is constantly decreasing once it is turned into vapour it combines with the air oxygen to form the flame.

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State one other way inhaled and exhaled air differ apart from in this gas compostion?

Aside from gas composition, exhaled air is at a higher temperature than inhaled air as a result of being warmed by the body. ...

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Where is alaska?

Alaska is a country in the continent of north america bordered by the USA to the south of the border. ...

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Can anyone summarize the Spanish Inquisition?

Basically with the expulsion of Moors and Jews from Spain the Spanish Inquisition was a tribunal started in 1478 in Spain. It was started by Ferdina...

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Where and how does pH affect carbohydrases?

Carbohydrases are enzymes that break down carbohydrates into smaller sugar molecules. They are usually made in the the pancreas and released into th...

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How is concrete made? a step by step list in detail?

There are three basic components of concrete Cement, Sand and Aggregate ( mixture of sand, gravel and crushed stones ). The grades of concrete are c...

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Gas exchange takes place inside the alveoil of your lungs explain how the presence of alveoli result...

The alveoli are the sites of gas exchanges. This means that the gases oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged (or swapped). Oxygen is breathed in fr...

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What is the difference between periodic tenancy and tenancy at will?

Periodic tenancy refers to where the tenant lives at a property for successive periods until they decide to move out. The tenant agrees to pay the l...

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The coefficient of x in the binomial expansion of (2-4x) ^q , where q is a positive integer, is -32q...

(2-4x)^q = 2^q (1-2x)^q Binomial expansion (1+x)^n = (1+nx+......etc.) So above becomes 2^q (1 -2qx+...) Coefficient of x is -2^(q+1)q = -32q Then (...

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How do you solve the simultaneous equations? xsquared + ysquared =9 and x+y=2?

X^2+y^2=9 Equation A X+y=2 Equation B Make y subject of Equation B Y=2-x Therefore y^2=(2-x)^2 Substitute y^2 for (2-x)^2 in Equation A Therefore: X...

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How Do i learn english That's why i would do a great job in future?

There are many ways you can learn English, depending on what method suits you best. You can visually watch videos or listen to podcasts to learn. Yo...

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