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What is the Pythagorean Therum?

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a² + b² = c² where a and b are the two shortest sides of a right angled triangle and c is the length of the hypotenuse, you might want to look up a diagram to help you understand this. Let me know if you need anymore help!

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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Good one...but Carroll did answer his ‘unanswerable riddle’. Apparently, "Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is neve...

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How do u find a code in verbal reasoning?

In verbal reasoning, try to look at the question first. Find key words in the question and use it to search for your answer in the passage. Always r...

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“Gothic texts address the horrific hidden ideas and emotions within Individuals and provides and out...

Well, this is a very open question. Start with your definition of ‘Gothic’ and identify some texts. Traditionally, yes, this is a key feature of Got...

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What is Genetic Engineering?

Genetic engineering refers to direct manipulation process of the DNA to alter the characteristics of an organism (this can be of an animal, plant or...

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What are the plans for ordinary differential equations?

What is your question for ord diff equns ???

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Nathan Spends £2.14 on ingredients by the end of the day he has £9.63 work out the percentage Profit...

Assuming that there are no other costs then the profit is simply £9.63 - £2.14 = £7.49 % profit from his expenditure of £2.14 = (7.49 / 2.14) x100 =...

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As well as calcium carbonate. Hydrochloric acid will remove calcium carbonate by dissolving it. Desc...

The bone is made of several minerals, eg potassium, vitamins, and mostly calcium. When soaked in acid, the calcium will react with HCl and this make...

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What is 2xsquared + 7x + 3?

Are you meant to factorise ? 2 times 3=6 7x=6x+x Rewrite : the 2x^2+6x+x+3 Factorise: 2x(x+3)+(x+3) Factorise again(x+3)(2x+1)...

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French vocab for la mateo?

Bonjour Cordialement Delphine

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