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What is the synthetic route for the following conversio : CH3CH CHCH2Br→CH3CH2CH2CH2Cl?

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The molecule at the beginning has alkene and there is a bromine attached carbon at the end of the chain, but the product is a chloroalkane. So we want to turn that alkene into alkane and turn that bromine into chlorine. Step 1: add H2 and Nickel catalyst to turn alkene into alkane(hydrogenation) Step 2: add NaOH to remove the bromine(nucleophilic substitution), and the product should be butan-1-ol Step 3: add NaCl and H2SO4. This is the substitution reaction of alcohol. NaCl and H2SO4 react together to make NaHSO4 and HCl. Then HCl will react with butan-1-ol, and the chlorine will replace the -OH group in the alcohol to make your final product