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Why are some ions known as polyatomic ions?

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The consist of multiple atoms. For example a monoatomic ion would be an ion that consists of one atom such as Fe2+, Na+ etc. A polyatomic ion could be a sulphate (SO4-2) ion or a nitrate ion (NO3-).

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How do I find the equation of a line on a graph using the equation y=mx+c?

The general form of a straight line equation is y = mx + c, where m is the gradient, c is the y-intercept and x and y are the coordinates of any giv...

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What is the square root of 144?

The square root is the inverse of the square function. It asks what number was multipled by itself to achieve in this case 144. By using our knowled...

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Laura thinks that a triangle cannot have two obtuse angles.Do you agree? Explain your answer?

Obtuse angle -> larger than 90Β° Sum of all three angles -> 180Β° Can you get the answer from that?

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Explain the similarities and differences in the composition inhaled and exhaled air?

The composition of exhaled air (air that is breathed out) is very different from the composition of inhaled air (air that is breathed in). Inhaled a...

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What energy store is decreasing while the candle is burning?

The fuel for burning is the wax which is constantly decreasing once it is turned into vapour it combines with the air oxygen to form the flame. ...

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What is x -7x-7=-14?

-7x-7=-14 = -7x = -14+7 = -7x = -7 Ans:x=1

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Is the largest angle in a triangle a right angle? Explain your answer?

The sum of all three angles in a triangle is 180Β°. So if the triangle has a right angle then it is the largest angle, as the sum of the other two mu...

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Arabic teacher who reached laventine dialect?

Asked by Andy

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What are the best way to teach a new language to toodlers?

Good question! Toddlers learn by exposure. There's a reason why young kids are able to grasp far more languages than older age groups. They are a sp...

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