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Explain why we should stop global warming?

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Life on the Earth evolved over millions of years by a process of natural selection. Living beings existing today are optimized to live under the conditons present during their evolution: these involve everything from temperature and humidity to solar radiation. Global warming will change, and is changing, these conditions on time scales much shorter than those on which natural selection has a significant effect, i.e living beings can't "adapt" quick enough (adapt in quotes because it is more complicated than that, but the idea is more or less encapsulated in that word). Therefore, we risk losing much of the biodiversity on the planet (in simple terms, killing everything!).

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Assuming this is an exam/assessment question? If so you ought to make a couple of points/arguments for why โ€˜Global Warmingโ€™ is actually a bad thing, what problems does it create? and what impact do them problems on earth? For example: The burning of fossil fuels has created more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These carbon dioxide particles trap heat in the earth(green house effect). The extra heat causes changes in our climate and therefore we are seeing more extreme climates happening and they are increasing in frequency. Secondly, the heat is also cause the ice caps to melt, this means that the sea levels are rising creating a greater risk of floods on coastal regions and therefore danger to life. I hope this helps, feel free to send me a message if you need more help. ๐Ÿ˜€

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